Welcome to ZNZ Solutions Training Site

We have designed this training to get you set up in the most efficient way and to take you step by step in the process so you are not overwhelmed. Please read our instructions carefully and follow the steps as we outline them. It is designed to help you be successful and get you started right away earning money within your first week.

Please READ and FOLLOW the directions outlined and READ the attachments which have screen shots to take you through everything step by step.


The first part requires some self study and system set up to ensure that you are fully prepared and ready to start your marketing.

Step 1:  Important – Two things to do before ZNZ can pay you..

Step 2: Setting up your back office

Step 3: Foward your GDI link

Step 4: Get signed up for Empower Network:

This is a vital step in scaling your business to top level. it’s a blogging platform, that allows you to bring in free traffic. This is a key tool in being successful in your business. You are advertising it in step 4 of your back office. If you are unable to sign up for any reason, please notifiy your sponsor ASAP. (contact your sponsor for their link)!!!


Step 5: Watch this Webinar